If you having issues with your microsoft windows operating system and need to get windows installed or repaired in New York, first option is to seek windows repair options but whenever your pc gets to a stage where no amount of repair or troubleshooting can get it back to normal, you will need to look at reinstalling Windows as it is an important strategy for problematic pc’s. By starting over with a clean copy of the operating system, you can remove bloatware, wipe out malware, viruses and fix other system problems.

Nowadays most folks are seeking to upgrade to windows 10, if you wish to know how to install windows 10, while a tech savvy person might be able to do it, may be best to leave that up to an experienced tech as you can run into issue which you may not be able to handle. You should know though that windows 7 is still the best and most stable microsoft windows operating system so should you choose to repair windows 7 or install windows 7, I can very safely and efficiently provide that service for you all at a very affordable cost. A lot of folks are also having windows 7 startup repair issues, not to fret, I can fix those too.

Before beginning though, very first step is to back up all of your personal data. While you should back up your data regularly, it is especially important to do so before reinstalling an operating system. Next will be to test the hard drive by running onboard diagnostics tool to make sure that is not the cause of your problems, if all checks out fine then you continue to perform the reinstall.

Thing is, a tech needs to know proper procedures and which options to select during the reinstallation in order to make it safe and not mess up your hard drive or system in any way. Then after windows is accurately installed, comes the equally important parts, first to make sure all proper drivers are installed as a lot of the times the correct drivers are never included in the software on the disk. That is unless you have the exact disk for that specific machine.

A full, clean reinstall is different from the Refresh or Reset your PC options in Windows 8, or a manufacturer’s recovery partition or disk for Windows 7. Those built-in options will set your PC back to its factory default state which could include some vendor-installed junk you never wanted anyway. Another very important issue after doing a recovery or reset is that most pc’s will come with Norton or Mc Afee Antivirus softwares, please note that those are at the bottom of the ladder so just because they came with your pc or are FREE, they will not be your best options. A clean install uses the generic Windows installation media that you can download from Microsoft, and it’ll have just the OS, no other frills.

You shouldn’t need to regularly reinstall Windows to keep it performing well. But, if a computer is bogged down by startup programs, context menu items, and years of junk, reinstalling Windows may be the quickest way to speed it up again and bring it back like new, just as fast as it was when it came out of the box from the store.

Reinstalling Windows can also save a computer infected with malware or afflicted by blue-screens and other system problems caused by software issues. So now that the reinstall is done and all proper drivers have been installed, next will be to test everything, from all ports on the pc to the CD and DVD optical drive. Then testing different sites and especially youtube is very important as most people use youtube.

If testing the hard drive checks out fine and all corrects drivers are installed and your final testing shows there are still problems then testing the RAM [memory] will be a good idea and if that turns out ok then most likely you will have motherboard problems. Before going to motherboard repairs, you should try to test with a known good working hard drive to make sure the original hard drive didn’t have problems which the diagnostics did not pick up as that can sometimes happen.

Windows 11 Installation


PLEASE NOTE: I am not a store, I work part time on certain computer repairs out of my Home Office in South Ozone park in Queens, NY 11420. Email, call or text Mike 718-219-9733 first for appointment. Also, my service is a drop –off service meaning you drop it off,  I work on it and whenever it’s ready you come back and pick up. I observe Covid protocols.

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I specialize in Windows and Mac Operating Systems and Malware Removal, I have been a Computer technician for around 20 years. When you need your computer upgraded to the latest Windows 11 Operating System or repaired after a Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11 update, you can count on me. Serving Ozone Park and the entirety of New York City and Long Island to quickly and safely get your computer up and running. 

Microsoft Windows 11 Installation and Repair Services in NYC 

  • Windows 7, 8 and 10 and the new Windows 11 Installation 
  • Windows Optimization 
  • Windows Files Backup and Repair 
  • Malware Removal – All Computer Viruses including Trojans, Ransomwares, Spywares and Adwares

Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11 Installation and Upgrades  

I can install various Windows operating systems from Windows 7 to Windows 11 to help you get up and running on your new or existing personal computer. Whether your computer is older or new, I will install the operating system and optimize it for speed, stability and functionality. If you have additional programs, like Office, social media or documents and other files you would like loaded onto your machine, II can perform those functions as well. 

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 Optimization  

Windows operating systems can function slowly on startup. Generally, this is due to having too many programs installed in the run on the start menu. i can optimize your machine and place all the programs you need upon startup in the startup menu, and he can remove unwanted programs. This will help your machine run faster and more efficiently. 

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 Backup and Repair 

I understand that when your computer is not functioning correctly that you cannot work, keep up on your schoolwork or stay in touch with family and friends as easily.  I can examine your machine and perform any needed repairs due to viruses, malware and Windows 10 update failures. 

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 Repair Process 

When I perform a PC repair in Ozone Park and NYC, I  always backup all your valuable data first. This includes all your pictures, video and media files and documents. Next, I run diagnostic software on the system to determine the issues. If your issue is viruses or malware, I will remove the rogue software, test your hard drive for functionality and restore your machine’s functionality. 

If your issue is due to a faulty Windows 7, 8, 10  or 11 update, I will evaluate the updates on your machine and roll them back as appropriate to restore the functionality. If the update cannot be rolled back, I will reinstall the appropriate operating system and reload your data from the backups that was made prior to the OS install. 

If your computer problem is hardware related, I can replace defective hard drives, RAM and other components to help get your computer back up and running BUT** depending on your specific computer model. 

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 Malware Removal 

Is your computer running slow or working erratic? Are you getting Pop-ups or can’t access certain files? Can’t get on the net e.t.c? Malware or computer Viruses including Trojans, Ransomwares, Spywares and Adwares can cause all of these problems and more. Don’t settle for someone who is not experienced in effective Malware Removal telling you to “immediately” reinstall your windows 7, 8, 10 or 11, I only would do that as a last resort. 

My first option is always to try to totally clean out the Malware by running different scans for different purposes,  manually removing all unwanted files and programs, infected files and if needed removing associated files from the Computer’s Registry. This way you can keep all of your Operating System files and programs intact. However this requires experience and knowledge as not knowing what to do can mess up the Computer!

For more information on getting the latest new Windows 11 installed or for my other computer repair services you can check around this site’s other pages or email, call or text Mike at 718-219-9733. I serve customers from Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and Long Island [Nassau and Suffolk Counties].